Lot 103

Late Medieval Central India Tomars of Gwalior Copper Falus

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Catalog Reference #
G&G # MU23
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
16.58 mm
9.36 gms
c. 15th-16th century AD

Late Medieval Central India, Tomars of Gwalior (c. 15th-16th century AD), Copper Falus, 9.36 gms, 16.58 mm, AH 852, These coins form a long series of progressively debased billon and copper Tankas/ falus and fractions thereof, which have typological links with the coins of late Delhi Sultans like the Sayyads and Lodhis. The legends they bear are very crude but sometimes show traces of recognizable words. As some such words appear to correspond to those in the genealogy of the Tomars of Gwalior the series is tentatively attributed to them, G&G # MU23, very fine, rare.