Lot 108

Ancient Gupta Dynasty Kacha Gupta Gold Dinar

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  • 100000 - 120000
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Catalog Reference #
Shivlee Class I, p 226
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
extra fine
19.30 mm
7.78 gms
Circa 335 AD

Ancient, Gupta Dynasty, Kacha Gupta (Circa 335 AD), Gold Dinar, 7.78 gms, 19.30 mm, Obverse: King standing with head turned left and right hand offering at fire altar, Left hand holding a Chakradhwaja, Brahmi legend ‘KaCha’ below his left hand, Brahmi legend around reading clockwise partially as ‘(Kacho gam Avajitaya Dyam Karamabhir) Uttamair Jayati’, Reverse: Standing goddess holding Cornucopia and a flower, Brahmi legend in right field ‘(Sar)varajochhetta’ie. Exterminator of king, Shivlee Class I, p 226, minor test cut on rev, over all extra fine, rare.