Lot 113

Arab Sasanian Coinage Islamic pre-reform coinage Ubayd Allah Ibn Ziyad Silver Dirham

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Catalog Reference #
Walker, Arab-Sasanian # 85-6; Album # 12
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
choice very fine
30.75 mm
3.90 gms
60-73 AH / 680-92 CE

Arab Sasanian Coinage (Islamic pre-reform coinage), Ubayd Allah Ibn Ziyad (60-73 AH / 680-92 CE), Silver Dirham, 3.90 gms, 30.75 mm, BCLA in Pahlavi (Basra), AH 61 (680 / 681 CE), Obverse: Sasanian style King’s Bust facing right, title of UbaydAllah in front in Pahlavi. BismAllah (transl. in the name of Allah) in Kufic in the outer obverse margin at 3-6 o clock followed by four pellets. Reverse: Zoroastrian fire altar flanked by two attendants, Mint name BCLA (Basra, Iraq) in Pahlavi with a pellet before the mint signature on the right and year 61 AH (AYWKWShSTY, 680/681 CE) on the left, Walker, Arab-Sasanian # 85-6; Album # 12, choice very fine.