Lot 118

Abbasid Governors of Sind Da’ud Ibn Yazid Al-Muhallabi NM ND Silver Damma

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Catalog Reference #
Fishman & Todd # CS12, G&G # AS-20, Album # 1493
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine to extra fine
9.16 mm
0.44 gms
800-820 CE

Abbasid Governors of Sind, Da’ud Ibn Yazid Al-Muhallabi (800-820 CE), Silver Damma, 0.44 gms, 9.16 mm, NM, ND, Obverse: Allah wali Daud wa Nasirahu (Allah is the Guardian of Daud and provides him with His support), Reverse: Muhammad Rasul Allah (Muhammad is the messenger of Allah), with a star in the middle of the word Allah, Daud bin Yazid Al-Muhallabi belonged to the powerful Muhallabi family of Arab descent, The Muhallabids were the earliest supporters of the Abbassid movement, and were rewarded by the Abbasid Caliphs with key governorships and administrative positions, Daud served as the governor of Sind from 800 CE to 821 CE, Fishman & Todd # CS12, G&G # AS-20, Album # 1493, very fine to extra fine, rare.