Lot 120

Early Medieval Islamic Abbasid Caliphate Sulaiman Bin Musa Governor in Tabaristan Tabaristan Mint Silver Hemi Drachm

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Catalog Reference #
Album # 65
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
23.11 mm
1.90 gms
Hemi Drachm
AH 171-173

Early Medieval Islamic, Abbasid Caliphate, Sulaiman Bin Musa (AH 171-173), Silver Hemi Drachm, 1.90 gms, 23.11 mm, Governor in Tabaristan, Tabaristan Mint, PYE 137 (AH 172), Obverse. Facing pseudo-bust with lozenge in place of head; slymn in Arabic to right; 'pd in Pahlavi to lower right in outer margin; nwk' in Pahlavi to lower left, Reverse. Fire altar with attendants flanking; pellets flanking flames, date to left, mint to right; triple circle border with alternating star-in-crescent and triple pellet motifs, Album # 65, very fine, very rare.