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Ancient Mauryan Dynasty Series VI Silver PMC Karshapana & Mashaka

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Catalog Reference #
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
14.86 mm
3.65 gms
Karshapana & Mashaka
4th-2nd Century BC

Ancient, Mauryan Dynasty (4th-2nd Century BC), Silver PMC Karshapana & Mashaka, 3.65 gms, 14.86 mm, Series VI, Obverse: Main punches of Six arm symbol, Three arch hill with crescent, Other indistinct punches, Reverse: Uniface, A silver mashaka is struck to the Reverse side, Sharad Sharma ”Mauryan mashaka coin found embedded with a late Mauryan silver punch marked coin from Kaushambi, In a highly significant numismatic discovery from Kaushambi, the smallest denomination coin of the Mauryan period, i.e. a Mashaka was found embedded with a late Mauryan punch marked coin, The discovery is highly significant as it clearly establishes that the two denominations were contemporary and in circulation side by side, Due to rarity of mashaka coins, vis-à-vis prolific punch marked coinage of late Mauryan period, it is indicated that cast copper coins might be a popular medium for lower denomination transactions and mashakas were, probably due to their miniscule size and weight and thus being susceptible to easy loss and cumbersome in handling, issued in lesser numbers and in restricted areas of Magadha hinterland (Kaushambi included) only”, very fine, very rare.