Lot 137

Ancient Indo-Greeks Apollodotus II Bronze Quadruple Unit

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Catalog Reference #
MIG # 427a, Bop 17A
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
fine to very fine
22.82 mm
8.22 gms
Quadruple Unit
80-65 BC

Ancient, Indo-Greeks, Apollodotus II (80-65 BC), Bronze Quadruple Unit, 8.22 gms, 22.82 mm, Obverse: Apollo standing in profile to right, holding bow and arrow, quiver on his back, Greek legend around partially reading ‘BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣΩ THPOΣ KAI ΦIΛOΠATOPOΣ AΠOΛΛOΔOTOY’, Reverse: Tripod, monogram at right, Kharoshthi legend around partially reading ‘Maharajasatratarasaapaladatasa’, coinindia, MIG # 427a, Bop 17A, fine to very fine, very scarce.