Lot 138

Ancient, Gupta Empire, Gold Dinar of Samudra Gupta I, Gold Dinar of Archer type

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Catalog Reference #
Sanjeev Kumar TOTGE # Pg197 class I. Variety A1
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
20.05 mm
7.49 gms
350-375 AD

Ancient, Gupta Empire, Gold Dinar of Samudra Gupta I (350-375 AD), Gold Dinar of Archer type, 7.49 gms, 20.05 mm, Obverse : King nimbate, standing left, holding bow in left hand and arrow in right, ’Samudra’ in Brahmi below his left elbow, garuda standard,  Reverse : goddess lakshmi nimbate seated on a throne, holding diadem and cornucopia with tamgha to left and Brahmi legend ’Apratirathah’ in the right field. Rare., Sanjeev Kumar TGE # Pg197 class I. Variety A1, very fine, Samudra gupta archer types are too much rarer than the standard Javalin type, very rare.