Lot 14

Ancient, Archaic Series, PMC attributed to Magadha Mahajanapada, 0 Series, Silver Karshapana, ABCD type

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Catalog Reference #
Unlisted in major reference
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
17.46 x 24.35 mm
3.40 gms

Ancient, Archaic Sereis, Punch Marked Coinage, attributed to Magadha Mahajanapada, Silver Karshapana, 3.40 gms, 17.46 x 24.35mm, ABCD type, 0 Series, Obv: Four symbol including main symbol is Fish, rayed sun, six armed and three pellets within area, Rev: Traces of banker mark. Unlisted in major reference .Dr. Dilip Rajgor attributed this coins as 0 series basis on symbol and he read article also last year on above coin, very fine, extremely rare.