Lot 145

Ancient, Guptas, Chandragupta II, ’Horseman’ type, Gold Dinar

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Catalog Reference #
Altekar: Plate VII no. 11
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
20.14 mm
7.74 gms

Ancient, Guptas, Chandragupta II, Gold Dinar, 7.74 gms, 20.14 mm, ’Horseman’ type, Obv: king riding a horse trotting left, holding a bow in his hand and sword tied to the waist, Brahmi legend starting at 1 o’clock, Rev: Goddess Lakshmi seated in profile on a wicker stool with legend Ajitavikramah in the right field, double struck on the rev., hence the legend Ajitavikramah seen twice, Altekar: Plate VII no. 11, very fine, rare.