Lot 15

Samid Amirs of Multan Amir Munabbih-II NM ND Silver Bilingual Damma Qanhari Dirham

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Catalog Reference #
Fishman & Todd # M77-E18
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
fine to very fine
9.51 mm
0.52 gms
Bilingual Damma (Qanhari Dirham)
920/40 CE onwards

Samid Amirs of Multan, Amir Munabbih-II (920/40 CE onwards), Silver Bilingual Damma (Qanhari Dirham), 0.52 gms, 9.51 mm, NM, ND, Obv. Sri Mihi / radeva, Rev. Three dot motif surrounded by Shri Ta Pa with Lillah Munabbih (transl. For Allah (struck by) Munabbih) in Kufic below, The words Lillah and Munabbih are joined together i.e., inscribed without a break (clearly legible on the specimen offered here). The bilingual coins of Munabbih-II carry his local biruda (royal title) : Shri Mihira Deva referring to the Vedic Sun God Mitra / Aditya whose famous temple was at Multan, Fishman & Todd # M77-E18, fine to very fine, extremely rare.