Lot 153

Ancient Punjab region Tribal monarchies Mahadeva type Silver Dramma

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Catalog Reference #
Pieper # Type 1250
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
16.89 mm
2.35 gms
c. 150-130 BC

Ancient, Punjab region,Tribal monarchies, Mahadeva type (c. 150-130 BC), Silver Dramma, 2.35 gms, 16.89 mm, Obverse: Elephant facing to left with trunk raised, a trident in front, Brahmi legend around reading ‘Bhagavata Mahadevasa/Rajaraja‘, Reverse: Humped bull facing to right with a petelledcircle in front, Kharoshti legend around partially reading ‘Bhagavata Mahadevasa/ Rajaraja’, The Mahadeva type coin has been attributed by scholars variously as Audumbara or Vemaka or a ruler distinct from both these tribal entities, Pieper # Type 1250 (a different variety from the previous lot), very fine, very rare.