Lot 159

Ancient World Sassanian Dynasty Khusro I Anushirvan Mint AY Eran-khvarrah-Shapur in Khuzestan year 37 HPTSY, 568/69 CE in Pahlavi Silver Drachm

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  • 1800 - 2000
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Catalog Reference #
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
30.53 mm
4.00 gms
531-579 CE

Ancient World, Sassanian Dynasty, Khusro I Anushirvan (531-579 CE), Silver Drachm, 4.00 gms, 30.53 mm, Obverse: Crowned Bust Facing Right of the king right star on left, star inside crescent right, empty crescents at 3, 6, and 9 o clock in the outer margin Reverse: Fire altar with two attendants on either side wearing crescent headdress, Mint AY (Eran-khvarrah-Shapur in Khuzestan) on the right in Pahlavi and year 37 (HPTSY, 568/69 CE)  in Pahlavi on the left very fine, very scarce.