Lot 164

Ancient Gupta Empire Narasimhagupta Archer Type Gold Dinara

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Catalog Reference #
Shivlee # Class I, pg. 369
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
19.72 mm
9.47 gms
495-530 AD

Ancient, Gupta Empire, Narasimhagupta (495-530 AD), Archer Type, Gold Dinara, 9.47 gms, 19.72 mm, Obv: Standing king wearing a necklace, holding bow in left hand and an arrow in outstretched right hand, Garuda standard behind right hand, Brahmi legend below left hand reading ‘Nara’, A brahmi letter between the legs, Rev: Goddess Lakshmi seated facing on a lotus, right hand is holding a diadem, left hand is holding a lotus stalk, she is wearing earrings and necklace, tamghain left field, Brahmi legend ‘Baladitya’ in the right field, Shivlee # Class I, pg. 369, very fine, very rare.