Lot 168

Medieval Harikela, Chandra Rulers, Chittagong area, Silver Unit

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  • 1000 - 1200
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Catalog Reference #
MAC 5259-5261, S.K.Bose HD # 2.5, Mitch, Bangladesh 122-124
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
29.39 mm
5.84 gms
AD 630-750 7-8 Century AD

Medieval, Harikela, Chandra Rulers, Circa AD 630-750 (7-8 Century AD) Eastern Bangladesh / Arakan / Chittagong area, Silver Unit, 5.84 gms, 29.39 mm, Obverse has a Stylized Recumbent Humped bull seated left with two horns and ears, Hump and mouth are clearly visible, no garland around the neck and tail pointing upward with legend above “Harikela”. Reverse shows bold ornate traditional Shrivatsa (Trident-head temple / tripartite) Symbol surrounded by beaded garlands with a with long central shaft / pole, crescent, moon & sun above all within decorative border. Harikela was a kingdom located in ancient Bengal. It included much of the eastern regions of the Indian subcontinent. MAC 5259-5261, S.K.Bose HD # 2.5, Mitch, Bangladesh 122-124, very fine, rare.