Lot 188

Habbarid Amirs of Mansurah Sind Amir Yahya NM ND Silver Damma Qanhari Dirham

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Catalog Reference #
Fishman and Todd # HS7, Goron and Goenka # AS40
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine to fine
10.74 mm
0.45 gms
Damma (Qanhari Dirham)
reign 860/70s CE

Habbarid Amirs of Mansurah (Sind), Amir Yahya (reign 860/70s CE), Silver Damma (Qanhari Dirham), 0.45 gms, 10.74 mm, NM, ND, citing Umar-I as overlord, This is a joint issue of Amir Yahya and the founder of the Habbarid Emirate Umar-I, It is speculated that Yahya was a regional governor (or a heir apparent) during the rule of Umar-I at Mansurah, weak reverse, Fishman and Todd # HS7, Goron and Goenka # AS40, very fine to fine, rare.