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Ancient Punch Marked Coinage Archaic punch mark series from middle Ganga valley Silver 1/2 Vimshatika

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Catalog Reference #
Hardaker # pp. 109-113
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
fine to very fine
13.58 mm
1.98 gms
1/2 Vimshatika
5th Century BC

Ancient, Punch Marked Coinage, Archaic punch mark series from middle Ganga valley, (5th Century BC), Silver 1/2 Vimshatika, 1.98 gms, 13.58 mm, Obverse: A flower pattern, Reverse: Banker marks, Sharad Sharma: Usually found in North-Western parts of central Uttar Pradesh, coins of this series are based on Vimashatika weight standard and are quite archaic in fabric, Attribution of these coins has been variously from Malla Janapada to the Pauravas of Kaushambi, ruling entities during the times of Buddha, The coin therefore, predates most of the known series of silver punch marked coins and is one of the earliest numismatic issues of the land, Hardaker # pp. 109-113, fine to very fine, rare.