Lot 10

Dehli Sultan Sikandar Shah Lodi Gold Tanka

Auction # 16 Kolkata e-Auction-cum-Floor Auction

  • Estimated Price (INR)
  • 600000 - 800000
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  • Auction Completed!

Catalog Reference #
Similar to G&G # D701 Silver die variety, Unpublished in Goron & Goenka, Similar to ZENO # 48666
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine+
19.68 mm
10.73 gms
AH 894-923, 1488-1517 AD

Dehli Sultan, Sikandar Shah Lodi (AH 894-923, 1488-1517 AD), Gold Tanka, 10.73 gms, 19.68 mm, AH xx9, Similar to G&G # D701 (AR Tanka). Gold and silver coins of the Sikander Lodi are exceedingly rare while most of his coinage comprises of highly debased billon issues. The recorded gold issues were struck from specialized dies with ornamental borders. This tanka however seems to have been struck from dies that were also used to strike silver tankas. This variety is unpublished in the standard catalogs of Dehli Sultanate coins and is only the second known issue to be offered at auction. Whereas, the specimen does not have a date or mint, based on die comparison it can be established that these dies were used early in the reign of Sikander Lodi to strike silver tankas while specialized gold dies were used towards the later part of his reign. Unpublished in Goron & Goenka Similar to ZENO # 48666, very fine+, extremely rare.