Lot 102

Ancient Guptas Chandragupta II Chaatra type Gold Dinara

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Catalog Reference #
S.Gupta, TOTGE # pg. 254, ChaatraType, Class I, Variety A.3
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
18.58 mm
7.85 gms
375-415 AD

Ancient, Guptas, Chandragupta II (375-415 AD), Chaatra type, Gold Dinara, 7.85 gms, 18.58 mm, Obverse: King standing wearing a necklace, with his right arm outstretched offering to fire altar, his left arm on the hilt of his sword, an attender at right holding a parasol (Chaatra) to the king, Brahmi legend around reading ‘Kshitima(vajityaSucharitairdaivamJayatiVikramadityah)’, Reverse: Goddess Lakshmi standing on a lotus flower, face turned front, her right arm holding a diadem, a lotus stalk in her left arm, Brahmi legend ‘(Vi)kramaditya‘ in right field, A cross cut mark seen left of the goddess on reverse, S.Gupta, TOTGE # pg. 254, ChaatraType, Class I, Variety A.3, very fine, very rare.