Lot 103

Ancient Kunindas Tribal Republic Amoghabhuti Silver Drachm

Auction # 11 Lucknow (Online)

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  • 6000 - 7000
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Catalog Reference #
Pieper # 1194, pg. 181
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine to extremely fine
17.17 mm
2.12 gms
2nd-1st Century BC

Ancient, Kunindas, Tribal Republic, Amoghabhuti (2nd-1st Century BC), Silver Drachm, 2.12 gms, 17.17 mm, Obverse: Deer to right with a fire-altar on its back, Shrivatsa in between the horns, Standing goddess Lakshmi holding a lotus stalk in front of deer, Brahmi legend around reading ‘RajnoKuni(m)dasaAmoghabhutisaMaharajasa’,A dotted circle in between the legend at 8 O clock position, Reverse: Six arched hill(Chaitya) at center surmounted by an altar, Nandipada on top, Triangle standard and Swastika in left field, Tree-in-railing in right field, Wavy line below, Kharoshthi legend around ‘Rana Kuni(m)dasaAmoghabhutisaMaharajasa‘, Pieper # 1194, pg. 181, very fine to extremely fine, very rare.