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Ancient, Panchala of Kaushambi, Vangapala, Copper ½ karshapana

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Catalog Reference #
Shrimali Fig. II.13, Pl. XII.7
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
18.24 mm
5.61 gms
1/2 karshapana
c. 150-130 BCE

Ancient, Panchala of Kaushambi, Vangapala (c. 150-130 BCE), Copper ½ karshapana, 5.61 gms, 18.24 mm, the legend reads “vagapalasa” is overstruck on a coin of Damagupta (whose name can be made out on the image below the Vangapala punch), Dr Shailen Bhandare metions "Inscriptions in Pabhosa caves (near Kaushambi, dist. Allahabad) record that king Shonakayaniputra Vangapala of Ahichchhatra was the father of king Tevaniputra Bhagavata and grandfather of king Vaihidariputra Ashadhasena, who was the maternal uncle of king Gopaliputra Brhaspatimitra. The last ruler is known from Kaushambi coins inscribed in his name ('Bahasatimitasa').", Shrimali Fig. II.13, Pl. XII.7, fine, extremely rare.