Lot 106

Ancient, Panchala, Rajnyah Vijayamitra, Copper "1/2 karshapana"

Auction # 6 Lucknow (Online)

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Catalog Reference #
published in JONS # 234, 2018
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
13.07 mm
1.40 gms
1/2 karshapana
c.220 AD

Ancient, Panchala, Rajnyah Vijayamitra (c.220 AD), Copper 1/2 karshapana, 1.40 gms, 13.07 mm, Conch shell placed horizontally on platform, flanked by standards; chakra (sacred wheel) above / Brahmi legend in two lines Rajnyah Vijayamitasa single Panchala symbol at top left; Unpublished in the standard references. Extremely rare and important. with his royal title Rajnyah and his complex iconography - indicates that Panchala coinage continued well into the Kushan era and there was no long interlude during Kushan rule in northern India. published in JONS # 234, 2018, very fine, extremely rare.