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Ancient Punch Marked Coinage Mauryan Magadha Imperial Series III 298 Type Silver Karshapana

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Catalog Reference #
Ref # Page No. 148, Series III, 298 Type
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
19.28 x 24.62 mm
3.05 gms
C. 321-150 BC

Ancient, Punch Marked Coinage, Mauryan, Magadha Imperial (C. 321-150 BC), Silver Karshapana, 3.05 gms, 19.28 x 24.62 mm, Punch marked Coinage of the Indian Subcontinent, Magadha Mauryan Series By Gupta & Hardaker, Classification & Refrence Series III, III IV A 1 Am, obverse marks six armed symbol (mark 413), Sun (mark 468), Fish left between two horizontal lines supporting a plant with five upward-inclined bud-ended branches,the bottom two supported by poles,taurines between the side branches (mark 312), Elephant goad, spear, taurine and e-shaped object all in an oval (mark 200), Central dot surrounnded by four dots arranged quadrilaterally all within  a square frame (mark 04), Ref # Page No. 148, Series III, 298 Type, fine+, extremely rare.