Lot 113

Khwarizmshah Muhammad-II Kurzuwan Mint Copper Jital

Auction # 19 Lucknow (Online)

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Catalog Reference #
Tye # 246.6, Album # 1731.2
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
fine to very fine
17.37 mm
2.36 gms
AH 596-617, 1200-20 CE

Khwarizmshah, Muhammad-II (AH 596-617, 1200-20 CE), Copper Jital, 2.36 gms, 17.37 mm, Kurzuwan Mint, ND, The city of Kurzuwan in the modern day region of Northern Afghanistan (Badghis/Faryab pronvince) was once a key regional city lying close to the silk route, It was controlled by the Khwarizmshah Ala Al-Din Muhammad-II towards the first quarter of the thriteenth century CE, Kurzuwan had served as the seasonal capital of the rulers/governors of the Juzjan region, The coin offered here is probably from the last official series of Khwarizmshahi coinage issued prior to the Mongol siege and ultimate devastation of the city in 1221 CE, Tye # 246.6, Album # 1731.2, very fine to extra fine, very scarce.