Lot 116

GREAT MONGOLS Malik of Kurzuwan struck at Kurzuwan Mint Copper Jital

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Catalog Reference #
Album # 1971
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine to extra fine
19.37 mm
3.60 gms
June-July 1221

GREAT MONGOLS, Malik of Kurzuwan (June-July 1221), Copper Jital, 3.60 gms, 19.37 mm, struck at Kurzuwan Mint (in modern day Afghanistan), month of Rabi’ Al-Akhir (fourth month of the Islamic Lunar year) AH 618 (June 1221 CE), Kurzuwan also known as Gurzuwan / Jurzuwan was besieged by the Mongols under the command of Tolui who had been charged by Chingiz Khan to attack Khurasan in the early summer of 1221 CE, These jitals were issued by the local administration of Kurzuwan during the Mongol siege and are therefore one of the very few identifiable siege coins of the Islamic world, The term Al-Malik inscribed on the coin has dual meanings: being an invocation to the Almighty (Al-Malik meaning the The King is one of the ninety nine names of Allah) to be delivered from the impending Mongol invasion, while also referring to the administrator of the city (Malik as a feudal rank referred to local fief holders in the eastern Islamic domains), Album # 1971, very fine to extra fine, rare.