Lot 119

Ancient, Panchala Dynasty, Sivanandi, Copper Unit

Auction # 5 Lucknow (Online)

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Catalog Reference #
K.M. Shrimali, Vol.II - pp. 90-91
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
14.73 mm
3.04 gms
120-125 AD

Ancient, Panchala Dynasty, Sivanandi (120-125 AD), Copper Unit, 3.04 gms, 14.73 mm, Obv: Brahmi legend "Sivanadisa/ sirisa" in two lines, Rev: a standard on top of a platform, Coins of Shivanandi are extremely rare and only three have been illustrated by Krishna Mohan Shrimali in History of Panchala. This specimen is an unrecorded type of 3.04 gms. Most coins known so far weigh approximately 1.6 g, History of Panchala, K.M. Shrimali, Vol.II - pp. 90-91, about very fine, extremely rare.