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Ancient, Archaic Series PMC, Dakshina Panchala Mahajanapada, Silver Vimshatika, Sambhal district of western UP region

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Catalog Reference #
T. Hardekar JONS No. 220, pp. 31-34, S. Sharma / B.P. Verma ND 36-37, pp. 1-21
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
26.63 x 26.84 mm
4.42 gms
Ancient, Archaic Series, Punch Marked Coinage, attributed to Dakshina Panchala Mahajanapada,‘Bahjoi’ in Sambhal district of western Uttar Pradesh region, Silver Vimshatika, 4.42 gms, 26.63 x 26.84 mm, Obv: geometric symbols arranged in an ABBC configuration, Rev: Banker marks including twice triskeles,These coins are recent finds from a place known as ‘Bahjoi’ in Sambhal district of western Uttar Pradesh.  Some previous references claiming these to be finds around Kashi areas are far from truth. However, it is pertinent to mention that similar coins (with minor differences) have also been reported from Kashipur of Uttarakhand.  These coins are all based on Vimashatika weight standard.  Main characteristic feature of this coinage is inordinately large symbols comprising of intricate wavy lines, which mostly overlap each other, thus making proper identification of symbols as very difficult.  Present coin however represents a very fine balance as all symbols are clearly visible.  Considering their weight standard, symbol patterns and area of circulation these coins may be said to be roughly contemporary to Lord Buddha (as per later chronology) and a period of 450-400 BC and are most likely the issues of Dakshina Panchala or Kuru janapadas. T. Hardekar JONS No. 220, pp. 31-34, S. Sharma / B.P. Verma ND 36-37, pp. 1-21 very fine. Very Rare.