Lot 121

Ancient Late / Post Kushan period Magra Gold Dinara

Auction # 11 Lucknow (Online)

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Catalog Reference #
Göbl # 578
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
22.88 mm
7.77 gms
c. 3rd-4th Century AD

Ancient, Late / Post Kushan period (c. 3rd-4th Century AD), Magra, Gold Dinara, 7.77 gms, 22.88 mm, Obv: Standing king offering to fire altar with his right hand, trishul behind altar, a wheel headed standardin his left hand, Brahmi legend next to the standard usually read as ‘Magra’ but more likely to read ‘Mishra’, Bactrian-Greek legend around, Rev: Seated enthroned deity Ardoksho (Lakshmi) holding cornucopia and diadem, Bactrian-Greek legend in right field partially reading as ‘Ardoxsho’, Dotted border around, The rebel Magra(or Mishra) is unknown apart from his coins, The depiction of the wheel-headed standard in the place of usual banner, suggests a possible link to the Kacha type of the Gupta king Samudragupta, and Magra may have been an ally of the Guptas against the later Kushans, Göbl # 578, very fine, extremely rare.