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Ancient, Guptas, Kumaragupta I, "Kartikeya type" Gold Dinar

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Catalog Reference #
S. Kumar, TOTGE Class II, Var. B
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
19.13 mm
8.23 gms
c.414-455 AD

Ancient, Guptas, Kumaragupta I (c. 414-455 AD), Gold Dinar, 8.23 gms, 19.13 mm, ‘Kartikeya’ type, Obv: King nimbate, standing turned slightly to left side  with halo, bare headed with curly hair with waist band round the waist the ends of which are flowing behind, wearing necklace and wristlets, on leftpeacock facing to king, feeding a peacock from a bunch of grapes held in his right hand, his left hand on his hip, king has dagger on his waist at right and around Brahmilegend ‘(JayatiSvagunair) VrtanihanrMahendra(kumarah)’ around, Rev: Lord Kartikeyariding on peacock with bare headed, having profuse hair on head, wearing ear-rings and necklace, a peacock Parvani, in profile, head to left, holding a spear in left hand over the shoulder and sprinkling pellets (incense) on altar with his right hand and Brahmi legend ‘Mahendrakumarah’ on right field, S. Kumar, TOTGE Class II, Var. B, very fine, extremely rare.