Lot 140

Ancient Guptas Chandragupta II Gold Dinar Archer type

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  • 48000 - 50000
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Catalog Reference #
TOTGE Page 242 Variety A.4
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
Very Fine+
18.00 mm
7.79 gms
c. 380-413 AD

Ancient, Guptas, Chandragupta II (c. 380-413 AD), Gold Dinar, 7.79 gms, 18.00 mm, ‘Archer’ type, obv. king nimbate, with halor around, standing left holding arrow in the right hand, left hand holding bow at top, Brahmi legend ‘Chandra’ below arm, Garuda standard behind, with legend "Deva Sri maharajadhiraja sri Chandra Gupta" Around ( Mostly Off Flan, rev. Sri-Lakshmi seated facing on a lotus with halo around her head, holding diadem in her right hand and lotus in left, tamgha to left at 10'O Clock, with legend ‘Sri Vikramah’ in Brahmi from 2'o clock to 5 o clock, TOTGE Page 242 Variety A.4, Very Fine+, Rare.