Lot 147

Mughal Nur Jahan Allahabad Mint Silver Rupee

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  • 40000 - 60000
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Catalog Reference #
Unlisted in KM
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
Very Fine
23.55 mm
11.20 gms
AH 1033-1037 / AD 1623-1627

Mughal, Nur Jahan (AH 1033-1037, AD 1623-1627), Silver Rupee, 11.20 gms, 23.55 mm, Allahabad Mint, "Sad Zewar" poetic couplet on obv. "Ba hukum Shah Jahangir yaft sad zewar" & Rev "Ba naam Noor Jahan Begum zar badshah zarb allahabad" means By the order of Emperor Jahangir, Gold attained a hundred beauties when the name of Nur Jahan Badshah Begum was struck on it, The specimen has the complete mint name at bottom, AH 1037, RY 22, AH Date written at 6'o clock & RY (regnal year) at 8'o clock on the same obverse side, Presence of AH & RY makes it rarer, Unlisted in KM, Very Fine, Cleaned, Extremely Rare.