Lot 155

Ancient Indo-Scythians Northern Satraps Hajatriaaka Mujatria Bronze Fractional Unit

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  • 1500 - 1800
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Catalog Reference #
JONS # 223, Senior # 148
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
fine to very fine
13.33 x 12.30 mm
2.46 gms
Fractional Unit
1st-20th AD

Ancient, Indo-Scythians, Northern Satraps, Hajatriaaka Mujatria (1st-20th AD), Bronze Fractional Unit, 2.46 gms, 13.33 x 12.30 mm, Obverse: Horse rider (King?) moving to left holding an elephant goad(Ankusha), Corrupt Greek legend around, Reverse: Standing male deity with raised right hand, Kharoshti legend around ’ChatrapasaKharaostaputrasaMujatriasa‘ partially seen, The reading of the king’s name was corrected from Hajatria to Mujatria by Joe Cribb, JONS # 223, Senior # 148, fine to very fine, very scarce.