Lot 163

Early Medieval India Dynasty Pre-Islamic Hunnic Rulers Silver Dramma

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Catalog Reference #
Mitch ACW 4905-4909; Mitch NIS 269-276; Tye EWC 802
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
14.59 mm
0.73 gms
500 AD
Early Medieval India, Dynasty: Pre-Islamic Hunnic Rulers - Chach of Alor OR Pratiharas, Silver Dramma, 0.73 gms, 14.59 mm, Region: Multan/Sindh (found in parts of Northern India - From Bihar to Punjab), Ruler: Lord Parakuta/Sri Parakuta (Last Hindu ruler from Multan/Sindh - Chach of Alor dynasty), Circulation Era: 632 - 711 CE (Approximately 7th - 8th century CE), Denomination: Drachma/Dramma, Obverse: Stylized (crude) Sasanian altar with the shaft replaced with three dots representing fire of the altar with the altar placed below the holy flame, (Sasanian style altar degraded into three dots representing the fire of the altar). Stylized Brahmi: Sri above, two Brahmi characters on either side of the altar: Ga or Ta on left margin Pra or Pta on the right margin. Reverse: Uni-faced/Blank (some specimens have a series of pellets as decorative border), Attribution: Mitch ACW 4905-4909; Mitch NIS 269-276; Tye EWC 802, very fine.