Lot 177

Delhi Sultan Nasir al-din Mahmud Hazrat Dehli Mint Gold Tanka

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Catalog Reference #
G&G # D135, Rajgor # Type 925, Wright # 219
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
Extremely Fine
26.52 mm
10.93 gms
AH 644-664 / 1246-1266 AD

Delhi Sultan, Nasir al-din Mahmud (AH 644-664, 1246-1266 AD), Gold Tanka, 10.93 gms, 26.52 mm, Hazrat Dehli Mint, Obv. ruler's titles within double circle, Rev. fi ahd al imam amir-ul mustasim al momin within double circle, Ba-hadrat (Dehli), AH 6(xx) only visible in the outer margin, Nasir al-din Mahmud was the youngest son of Shams ud din Iltutmish, and ascended the throne of Delhi Sultanate in 1246 at the tender age of 17 or 18 after the disposition of Ala ud din Masud Shah, G&G # D135, Rajgor # Type 925, Wright # 219, Extremely Fine, Very Rare.