Lot 177

Mughal, Humayun, First Reign, Agra Mint, Silver Shahrukhi

  • Estimated Price (INR)
  • 8000 - 9000
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  • Auction Completed!

Catalog Reference #
similar to Zeno # 265986
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
extra fine
24.88 mm
4.49 gms
AH 937-947, 1530-1540 AD
Mughal, Humayun, First Reign (AH 937-947, 1530-1540 AD), Silver Shahrukhi, 4.49 gms, 24.88 mm, Agra Mint, mint is visible at 8 o'clock on the obv, AH (94)4, date's last digit visible at 9 o'clock on the obv below the word azam, Obv : Muhammad Humayun Ghazi in the central cartouche surrounded by royal titles and mint-name, Rev : Shahadah with Quranic text 'yarzaqallah man yashao baghayr hisab' incircle; names and titles of the Rashidun around, similar to Zeno # 265986, extra fine, rare.