Lot 180

Early Medieval Pratihara Empire Vinayakapala grandson of Bhojadeva I Billon Dramma

  • Estimated Price (INR)
  • 1500 - 2000
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Catalog Reference #
Deyell # 9a
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
15.32 x 18.81 mm
3.65 gms
913-933 AD

Early Medieval Pratihara Empire, Vinayakapala (913-933 AD), grandson of Bhojadeva I, Billon Dramma, 3.65 gms, 15.32 x 18.81 mm, Obv. Crude figure of the Varaha facing to right, Rev. Devanagari legend ‘Shri Vi(na)/(ya)kapa/(ladeva)’ in three lines, The legend, being large and thick, is hardly accommodated on the coin with only a few letters visible on most coins, This coin has three lines visible, Though third line not fully visible, yet good specimen, Deyell # 9a, very fine, rare.