Lot 183

Samid Amirs of Multan, Amir Hassan-II, Silver Bilingual Damma (Qanhari Dirham)

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  • 2500 - 3000
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Catalog Reference #
Fishman & Todd: M71-E12, Album-1506
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
extremely rare
9.28 mm
0.48 gms
late 800s CE onwards

Samid Amirs of Multan, Amir Hassan-II (late 800s CE onwards), Silver Bilingual Damma (Qanhari Dirham), 0.48 gms, 9.28 mm, NM, ND, Obverse: Sri Dharani / Varaha, Reverse: Three dot motif surrounded by Shri Ta Pa with Lillah Hassan (transl. For Allah (struck by) Hassan) in Kufic below, These bilingual coins of Hassan-II carry his local biruda (royal title) :Shri Dharanivaraha referring to the avatar of Lord Vishnu and his consort Bhumi / Bhudevi. The title refers to the rescue of Bhumi from the demon Hiranyaksha by the Varaha during the Satya Yuga, Fishman & Todd: M71-E12, Album-1506, extra fine, extremely rare (listed as RRR in both catalogues). This is the first bilingual specimen of this ruler to appear at a numismatic auction.