Lot 184

Delhi Sultan Ala-al-din Muhammad Shah Hazrat Dehli Mint Silver Tanka

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  • 1200 - 1400
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Catalog Reference #
G&G # D226
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine+
27.98 mm
10.97 gms
AH 695-715, 1296-1316 AD

Delhi Sultan, Ala-al-din Muhammad Shah (AH 695-715, 1296-1316 AD), Silver Tanka, 10.97 gms, 27.98 mm, Hazrat Dehli Mint, The Obverse 4 Lines Legend in Persian & double line square reads: “Al-sultan al-a’zam /’ala al-dunya wa’l din / abu’l muzaffar muhammad shah /al-sultan”. “السلطان الا عظم علاء الدنیا والدین ابو المظفر محمد شاہ السلطان” Meaning: The Sultan, the magnificent excellence of the world and of faith supreme conqueror, Muhammad Shah, The Reverse 3 Lines Legend inside the double line square circle reads in Persian: “Sikandar al-thani / yamin al-khilafa nasir / amir al-mu’minin” which means he declares Ala-al-din Muhammad Shah Khilji ( himself ) as the second Alexander ( Sikandar ) & the right hand of the Caliphate, the helper of the commander of the faithful. The Outer Margin on the Reverse & outside the circular border starting at 12 o’clock, from right to left, “Zarb Hazihi Al-Fizzat Bi-Hazrat Dehli Fi Sanat” Meaning: This silver coin was struck at Hazrat Dehli Mint, G&G # D226, very fine+, scarce.