Lot 187

Delhi Sultan, Tughlaq Dynasty, Fateh Khan, Billon (32 Rati) Fraction Unit

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Catalog Reference #
G&G # D513
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine+
14.50 mm
3.52 gms
Fraction Unit
AH 760, 1358 AD

Delhi Sultan, Tughlaq Dynasty, Fateh Khan (AH 760, 1358 AD), Billon (32 Rati) Fraction Unit, 3.52 gms, 14.50 mm, Obv. “Fathkhan furuz shah jall allah zillalahu jalalahu”, Rev. “Fi zaman al-imam amir al-mu minin abi’l fath khulidat khilafatuhu”, In AH 760, Fateh Khan was allowed by his father Firoz Tughlaq to strike coins in his own name. His domain was the eastern province of the Delhi sultanate, the “Iqlim al-sharq” which later became the independent sultanate of Jaunpur. Rated Rare in Goron & Goenka, The Coins of the Indian Sultanates. G&G # D513, very fine+, rare.