Lot 213

Bengal Sultan Ghiyath Al-Din Azam Shah Hadrat Firuzabad Mint Silver Tanka

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Catalog Reference #
G&G # B242
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
Extra Fine
28.71 mm
10.27 gms
AH 792-813, 1389-1410 AD

Bengal Sultanate, Ghiyath Al-Din Azam Shah (AH 792-813, 1389-1410 AD), Silver Tanka, 10.27 gms, 28.71 mm, Hadrat Firuzabad Mint, Obv: Arabic legend ghiyath al dunya wal din abu l muzaffar a azam shah ibn Sikandar shah ibn ilyas shah al sultan. Rev: Arabic legend nasir Amir al mu minim ghawth al islam wal muslimin khallada mulkahu, This is a pedigree tanka that lists the geneology of Azam Shah as “ Azam Shah ibn Sikandar Shah ibn Ilyas Shah”, G&G # B242, extra fine, scarce.