Lot 235

Bengal Sultan, Jalal Al-Din Fath Shah, “Al-Junaid Shahi” Type, Fathabad Mint, Silver Tanka

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Catalog Reference #
G&G # B607
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
27.40 mm
10.48 gms
AH 886-893, 1481-1486 AD

Bengal Sultanate, Jalal Al-Din Fath Shah (AH 886-893, 1481-1486 AD), Silver Tanka, “Al-Junaid Shahi” Type, 10.48 gms, 27.40 mm, Fathabad Mint in the last Line of the reverse, AH 886, Ornate borders, bold strike, 886 in Persian numerals from 8-7 o'clock on the reverse, Beautiful ornate borders with repeated motifs of geometrical patterns, completely visible on this specimen on both the obverse and reverse. (Highly appealing feature), The significance of the al-Junayd Shahi is not clearly known. There could be a connection with Junayd Baghdadi, a legendary Sufi master of the Suhrawardy order that was active in Bengal and Fathshah is mentioned as being highly religious in most contemporary historical sources, G&G # B607, very fine, rare.