Lot 247

Malwa Sultan, Annonymous Baz Bahadur, Ujjain Mint, Copper Falus

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  • 3000 - 4000
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Catalog Reference #
Unlisted in G&G, Similar To G&G M261
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine+
19.60 mm
10.13 gms
AH 933-968/969, 1555-1561/62 AD

Malwa Sultanate, Annonymous Baz Bahadur (AH 933-968/969, 1555-1561/62 AD), Copper Falus, 10.13 gms, 19.60 mm, Ujjain Mint, AH 968, obv. falus darb Ujjain, rev. fi al-tarikh 968, G&G listed a similar light weight square falus of the same type stating as per date(AH 968) these coin could have been struck during the breif Mughal interregnum between the two reigns of Baaz Bahadur, Unlisted in G&G, Similar To G&G M261, very fine+, very rare.