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Magadha Imperial, Punch Marked Coinage, Silver Karshapana, Series III Over Struck On Series II Rare

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Catalog Reference #
Series II, 284 Type
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
19.29 x 22.53 mm
2.69 gms
C. 321-150 BC

Ancient, Mauryan, Punch Marked Coinage, Magadha Imperial (C. 321-150 BC), Silver Karshapana Punch Mark, 2.69 gms, 19.29 x 22.53 mm, Series III Over Struck On Series II,

Obverse Series III : Punch marked Coinage of the Indian Subcontinent, Magadha Mauryan Series By Gupta & Hardaker,Classification & Refrence obverse : Series III, IV A 1 Am,  obverse marks six armed symbol (mark 417), Sun (mark 468), Dog right with three taurines clockwise around (mark 315), coconut palm with five branches and coconut in the angles (mark 202), Elephant right (mark 1), Page No. 149, Series III, 305 Type,

Reverse Series II : II XI A 3 Am, Sun (mark 468), plant with seven stems ending in outline buds; a taurine in between each bud (mark 308), Rectangle enclosing two fishes, two bud-ended poles and four poles with oval caps (mark 194), Centipede-like insect (mark 03), Gupta & Hardekar, Page No. 145, Series II, 284 Type, Very Rare as a combination of Series III Over Struck On Series II.