Lot 27

Ancient, Post-Mauryan, Kaushambi Area, "½ weight standard" Uninscribed type, Cast Copper

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Catalog Reference #
Bop & Pieper # 9 similar type
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
13.06 x 16.80 mm
2.87 gms

Ancient, Post-Mauryan, Kaushambi Area, Uninscribed type, Cast Copper, 2.87 gms, 13.06 x 16.80 mm, ½ weight standard, Obv: Elephant walking to left side front of triangular headed standard and above six armed symbol, Rev: Tree-in-railing with four compartments and on right side three arched hill above crescent, but low weight, All symbols accommodated in a reduced weight flan. An intentional fraction with no compromise on symbols depicted. Present coin represents a noteworthy type of local types cast copper coins of Kaushambi.  Representation of many symbols of contemporary Mauryan silver punch marked coins is remarkable on this series, especially the six-armed symbol.  Bop & Pieper # 9 similar type,  Very Fine. Extremely rare.