Lot 285

Mughal Nur Jahan Lahore Mint "Fuzodah" Couplet Silver Rupee

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  • 40000 - 50000
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Catalog Reference #
KM # 169.1, Manik Jain # Couplet 58
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
Extremely Fine
21.35 mm
11.17 gms
AH 1033-1037 / 1623-1627 AD

Mughal, Nur Jahan (AH 1033-1037, AD 1623-1627), Silver Rupee, 11.17 gms, 21.35 mm, AH 1035, RY 21, Lahore Mint, "Fuzodah" Couplet, Obv:  za naame shahe jahangir tashuda purnoor, with regnal year 21 in centre below the gir of Jahangir. Rev: fuzodah noorjahan, ruye sikka e lahore, with complete zarb lahore and AH (10)35 in the bottom line, floral decoration with motifs and patterns on both sides, the couplet on the coin states ‘from the name of Jahangir the face of the coin of Lahore has become full of light, it has been increased by the name of Nur Jahan’, This is the 2nd best specimen so far offered in any auction in India, a very collectible coin and an advanced rarity, KM # 169.1 / Manik Jain # Couplet 58, one test mark on each side, otherwise extremely fine. Exceedingly Rare.