Lot 308

Mughal, Nur Jahan, Ahmadabad Mint, Silver "1/2 Rupee"

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  • 180000 - 200000
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Catalog Reference #
KM # 167.3
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
extra fine+
17.02 mm
5.71 gms
1/2 Rupee
AH 1033-1037, AD 1623-1627
Mughal, Nur Jahan (AH 1033-1037, AD 1623-1627), Silver ½ Rupee, 5.71 gms, 17.02 mm, Ahmadabad Mint, Jahangir married with Nur Jahan in 1611 AD., Nur Jahan means Light of the World. She was artistic, capable and endowed with boundless energy and ambition. Prof. Ellison Banks wrote in his book NurJahan, Empress of of Mughal India points out that it was the influence of NurJahan which made Jahangir mints this coins. She began issuing coins in her name which were called NurJahani. Coins issued from the imperial mints like Agra, Ahmadabad, Akbarnagar, Allahabad, Lahore, Patna and Surat. This NurJahani coins bear a couplet ‘Zihukm Shah Jahangir yaft sad zewar, Ba-nam Nurjahan Badshah Begum zar’ (By the order of Shah Jahangir gold attained a hundred beauties when the name NurjahanBadshah Begum was placed in its). KM Lists the coin, but does not give any image of the specimen, A classic mughal rarity, offered only for the first time in any auction in India, KM # 167.3, extra fine+, extremely rare.