Lot 309

IPS, Awadh State, Shuja ud Daula, INO Shah Alam II, Balwantnagar (Jhansi) Mint, Silver Rupee

  • Estimated Price (INR)
  • 1800 - 2000
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Catalog Reference #
Unlisted in KM, Kapoor & Master Page 32 Ref 3.13
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
extra fine
21.70 mm
11.30 gms
AH 1167-1188, 1754-1775 AD

Indian Princely States, Awadh State, Shuja ud Daula (AH 1167-1188, 1754-1775 AD), INO Shah Alam II (AH 1174-1221, 1759-1806 AD), Silver Rupee, 11.30 gms, 21.70 mm, Balwantnagar (Jhansi) Mint, RY 5, trident as a mint mark, The forces of Awadh captured Jhansi on 31 January, 1762 AD and Shuja ud Daulah the Nawab Vazir of Awadh appointed Muhammad Bashir as the Faujdar of Jhansi. Malhar Rao Holkar the Maratha warrior recaptured Jhansi 1766 AD, Unlisted in KM, Kapoor & Master Page 32 Ref 3.13, extra fine, very scarce.