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Ancient, Copper Punch Marked Coinage

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Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
12.40 x 20.45 mm
6.31 gms

Ancient, Copper, Punch Marked Coinage, 6.31 gms, 12.40 x 20.45 mm, This is a two symbol copper punch marked coin of probably late Sunga period from Central India. This has both the key Magadha symbols i.e. Six-Armed symbol and sun. Some people opine that this is a lower denomination Mauryan punch marked coin of the early phase of Magdha (this type of six-armed symbol is found on GH Series-I also).  A two symbol coin, made by punch marked technique (just like the entire coinage of Magadha), being in base metal and thus a low value coin, having both the key Magadhan symbols. A very important coin, very fine, rare.