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Ancient Post Mauryan Cast Series Uninscribed Cast Copper Unit

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Catalog Reference #
Metal Composition
Cast Copper
Lot Grade/Condition
very fine
14.53 x 20.71 mm
4.80 gms
2nd-1st Century BC

Ancient, Post Mauryan, Cast Series, (2nd-1st Century BC), Uninscribed Cast Copper Unit, 4.80 gms, 14.53 x 20.71 mm, Obv. Elephant to left on a platform and facing a triangle standard, Ancillary symbols of Swastika and Taurine above, Rev. Three arch hill(Chaitya), Hollow cross, Taurine and a tree in railing, This specimen is very interesting as the symbols that appear on the top of the coin such as Triangle standard, Swastika and Taurine on the Obverse and Three arched hill, Taurine and Tree in railing on the Reverse again get repeated at the bottom. This duplication of symbols is due to the fact that cast coins were manufactured as a matrix of coins rather than single units. Subsequently, during the process of separation to form individual coin units, an incorrect separation could lead to slightly bigger and heavier units with symbols repeating, such as in the above specimen, very fine, very rare.