Lot 35

Bengal Sultan, Saif Al-Din Hamzah Shah, Hadrat Firuzabad Mint, Silver Tanka

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  • 12000 - 15000
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Catalog Reference #
G&G # B265
Metal Composition
Lot Grade/Condition
Extra Fine
31.58 mm
10.68 gms
AH 813 - 815 / 1410 - 1412 AD
Bengal Sultanate, Saif Al-Din Hamzah Shah (AH 813-815, 1410-1412 AD), Silver Tanka, 10.68 gms, 31.58 mm, Hadrat Firuzabad Mint, Impressive large flan, This is a pedigree tanka that lists the geneology of Hamzah Shah as “Hamzah Shah bin Azam Shah bin Sikandar Shah bin Ilyas Shah”, This coin is similar to B265 but the obverse legend with the king’s titles is differently arranged in the last three lines of the legend. Unlisted in GG, Choice Extra Fine, Scarce.